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Hi Mr. Chopra and Mr. Kafatos

I am on page 53 in You Are The Universe. I had a type of aha-moment I would like your insights on. It relates to the ‘form’ of the formless consciousness. It is supposedly impossible for the formless to be perceived as form, but as I read YATU, a memory appeared for me.

It was when I was at a lecture in university studying Linear Algebra and our lector had brought with him a tesseract to explain higher-dimensional geometric shapes. A tesseract is a projection of a fourth-dimensional cube in our third dimensional universe. Compare it with drawing a cube onto a piece of paper. The cube is there a projection of a third-dimensional object in a two-dimensional realm.

If we look at the tesseract, in my opinion it symbolizes the creation of the universe from an ocean of consciousness.

Imagine the outer cube being consciousness where everything is possible. By projecting a segment of that cube into a smaller cube within, a universe is created with certain types of restrictions (such as physical laws and physical matter) from the consciousness where everything is possible.

It also symbolizes the epitome of ‘You are the Ocean in the Drop’. The YOU is the entire cube (the ocean) and whilst having the human experience, the YOU is projected into the smaller cube within (the droplet).

So what came before the Big Bang? Well, simply the ocean was still the ocean without having been projected into a smaller portion into itself. The universe appeared from a ‘higher dimension’ as you have mentioned as one of your theories in the chapter.

Do you think that the tesseract can symbolize this for a human mind?

Thank you a million times for the book. I will revel at every page.