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Ana Sanjuan
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This question makes me think about the extraordinary features of the natural world; the logarithmic spiral of a shell; the hexagon of a beehive; the geometry of flower petals. It takes my breath away, how intricate, beautiful and endlessly diverse our natural world is. I spend a lot of time “peering” closely at plants, into fish tanks, at sunsets…. amazed by their profound beauty. Have you ever looked really closely at a bed of moss? Or even better, a bed of flowering moss? Tiny tiny little white buds peeking out every so slightly above the height of the miniature rolling swells of moss. Its quite amazing how diminutive and majestic this moss landscape can be- two complementary qualities expressed at the same time.

Then we can add to that the recursive qualities of the natural world- that lava, streams, and our blood all flow is a similar fashion. The same fractal patterns are shared by our galaxies, our leaves, and our lungs.

When I look at this design of this beautiful natural world, I feel intuitively “right.” Like the pattern sits well with me, conveys order, and therein is soothing and grounding. Perhaps that is what it means to relate to beauty. Its a feeling of recognition and knowing. A feeling of exhilaration and peace.

When I put these pieces together I feel the only answer is that “yes, there is design in the universe.” This beauty, pattern and recognition is proof that consciousness playing with itself to bring itself joy.

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