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Derek Whitney
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The answer for each of us to this question, lies beyond thought, as alluded to by Deepak and Rabindranath Tagore.

There is unlimited sensitive intelligent design in the universe – the only ones who would ask such a question that are those lost in the prison of human thought and in being so, are disconnected from their true essence ‘Feltness’ self as to ponder same.

The book that I am currently writing titled ‘Feltness’ which is being written to honour an insight divinely received, when alone, grateful and at peace under the stars on Lennox Head Beach where a voice that I have never heard so clearly before said ‘You cannot know me by thought – you and all can only know me by the Feltness that you are.’

The Feltness is the Source gifted term for the non abstract, literal truth of the invisible, sensitive, intelligent energy of the Universe that we each are, living a unique form experience.

The Universal Feltness Energy/Source/God – gathers what Einstein correctly called the ‘vast unlimited intelligence that sits behind and within all of the natural Universe and that by comparison with which all human thought is of complete insignificance.’ by creating and inserting itself within every individual form and living the global experience of ‘Feltness learnings’ (human, animal, insect and environmental) which is literally the invisible, sensitive, intelligent energy learning of every form experience, of every ocean wave, of every blade of grass, of every tree, of every animal, every human, insect, plant…all form. In simple terms the Universe is comprised of ‘Feltness energy’ in which resides the sensitive, intelligent energetic memory of every form that has ever been and the unlimited creative power that the eternal ‘Feltness learnings’ inform.

Do we really need to ask, when looking at the wondrous, beautiful, aesthetic, sensitive design of anything from a snowflake, to a butterfly, a tropical fish, dolphin, flower, baby, puppy, cub, sunset, pristine river setting, a graceful swan, a majestic eagle, an autumn leaf, when feeling the touch of another’s skin, to hearing the music of Mozart/Back/Beethoven, the poems of Rumi, Tagore, the paintings of Michelangelo, to know that all creation and all great art is the one and same Source expression. ‘The human’ as an individual entity does not exist. All creative expression, both that arises from the Formless and the great art gifted via talented forms – arise from the one Source / Feltness Energy of the Universe.

We are each, in being here, simultaneously conduits for Source expression and for Source Feltness energy learning, contributing in our own unique lived way to the eternal Feltness Energy evolution of the cosmos.

And to know that is who and what we are – gifts ultimate and unlimited freedom (from human reactivity), deep inner peace, vitality, enthusiasm, creativity, kindness, tenderness, lightness of being and cellular flow….all of which are rooted in just being Love.

It may well sound, be described as and be dismissed by those, including eminent scientists, lost in ‘thought prison’ as mumbo jumbo hippy new age nonsense….but for those who ‘know’ from the Feltness energy knowings that reside deeper than thought…..there is no need to convince those not ready or open to more deeply knowing their true self. All that was ever needed to be known, is always present in every breath, in every form, in the deepest inner space of just being.

The human journey is an individual one to offloading all that one is not, and going beyond thought to the ‘Feltness energy knowing’ of who and what we are.

Yes – there is wondrous, miraculous, unlimited sensitive, intelligent design in the Universe and we should know – because ‘we’ are both the designer and the designed.

Somewhere deep inside – each can ‘know this’ but not from thought.

Only from Feltness being.


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