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Aum Krishna
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Dear Dr. Chopra,

Please accept my humble respect for yourself & your valuable contributions.

I am not a reader of the book however have been invited to share my thoughts, which I will do on each question as I believe and realise so far.

What view on the origin of the universe makes most sense to ‘YOU’?

Before I dwelve into this question I believe it is important to explain what I understand from who is this You in question in other words, who am ‘I’. I have to express the points I am about to state cannot be scientifically proven.

So, my memory dates as far as a few years from now but that doesn’t mean I did not exist before, I’m going with this assumption that I existed before this life and therefore many billions of lives as I cannot pin point an origin to when my soul was born and whether it was born, I thus conclude that I am an eternal soul.

There is a universe in me which also manifests the universe we see externally. But this doesn’t mean I universe we see externally does not exist. It exists and it each one of us are not only a part of this universe but also a universe on our own.

So as I said, eternal soul has no beginning likewise I conclude that the external universe has no beginning.

Do you consider the creation process of the universe to be in any way connected to your own creativity? Why and how?

We all are individual universes. Each has a mind, signified by the Moon , each has a soul signified by the Sun and so on. Every individual is living and manifesting the universe we also see externally. We also have a father and a mother, again signified by the Sun and the Moon. A simple example, the waxing and waning of the Moon is also the mensuration cycle of a woman. We are manifesting events over and over again. We can connect various such cosmic events and see how they occur within our life. Another spiritual cosmic event called the churning of the oceans, Samudra manthan which actually created the Shristi/ universe as per our shastras, is comparable to the churning of emotions resulting in the journey of enlightenment. Example. Lord Gautam Buddha.

Is it my creativity?
The individual universe and what we see externally are connected but it is not mine or anyone’s creativity. It is God’s creativity and if we understood that we wouldn’t be here.

Why and how?
The universe is made of 5 tattva, jala (water), Agni (fire), pruthvi (earth) , Vayu (air) and Aakash (Ether). These combine in various subtle combinations to create life, disease and also give 3 gunas rajas (mode of passion), tamas (mode of darkness) and sattva (mode of goodness). These tattva and gunas are not only in the external universe but also within us and control our mind and body.

When we take birth we are blessed with a mind of our own. We used the mind and spirit to create our world , thoughts and actions. However our thoughts and actions are a direct result of the tattva and the gunas we possess and hone and that which enters the body of 9 gates and through our senses.

The universe that we see externally is not just the creation of our mind.

Another analogy is through the divine science astrology.

Some may be aware that Sun also referred to Lord Christ who took birth in the sign of Capricorn , passes through 12 rashis/ zodian signs. These were also the 12 disciples. So like Lord Christ took birth on Earth the seasons and the events are being manifested over and over again.

With reference to the Samudra Manthan /Churning of the cosmic oceans , when Lord himself released the demon into Rahu and Ketu becoming the north and south node of the Moon. This event also occurs in the form of eclipse as both Rahu and Ketu are enemies of the Sun and Moon who also were the ones to complain about the demon.

This is a pseudo science called astrology whether or not we appreciate it exists and our birth chart is nothing but a report card/balance sheet of our past karma.

I am not sure if all this makes sense but I believe that yoga, Ayurveda and astrology are interconnected to the extent unknown to mankind today.

As we can see with the above example, the external universe is controlling us.
We are not creating anything, we only think we are.

I believe I the ‘Atman’ is given this life with a mind, body has to go through the purification process through suffering , death, old age and disease has to realise our true self which I have probably forgotten in this eternal non comprehendible eternal journey.

In other words to do my dharma based on my karma, I take birth/manifest into the universe..So above so below.

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