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Does this make Godel’s Theorem “proving” the existence of God the ultimate proof that we are all Divine? If nothing higher than God exists, and “we” are all part, or “aspects,” of that ultimate being, We are = God is.

I remember my rabbi talking about Isaac Luria, the great Jewish mystic. In Luria’s telling of the Creation story God, “Or Ein Sof” (light of infinity) filled the Cosmos. But God was alone and wanted some “other” to keep God company. So God took a deep in-breath to make space for the universe–vessels of light–and, in so doing, the vessels splintered into infinite shards (the Big Bang) to create what we know as the Universe.

Hence, experience (qualia) was created out of the void. And with it, all the good and evil, light and shadow, peace and war that have since ensued.

According to Jewish teachings, our job (collectively and as individuals) is to collect all the shards by performing mitzvot, or acts of lovingkindness to repair the world, known as Tikkun Olam.

So through our capacities–sense, smell, taste, sight, touch–through creativity, connecting to others, and by virtue of our experiences, we each have the capacity to repair (heal) our world. Thus, in the beginning, God is = We are.

Not sure if it’s “kosher”, mixing mathematical proof with Kabbalah, but somehow these ideas connect in my understanding to show WE ARE ALL ONE.