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Derek Whitney
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Linked to The even deeper Eternal Unanswerable – where did Source originate?

EveryTHING that we know, we can all agree, has a beginning and an end.

Except Source.

Source, as you clearly also attest Deepak and Menas, is not a thing….but is Formless, ageless, timeless being.

It is an easier point just to accept – than to give much thought energy to.

Source was, is and ever shall be.

At some point in eternity – Source first created form – when, where and how – no idea and happy again to accept we will never ‘thought know’….but we can ‘Feltness sense’ that it is true. For it is ‘we’ who did so. It is part of our shared One ‘personal history’.

And in our collective Universal Energy memory – which we each at essence are – we hold that formless memory knowing.

Truly a miracle….as is all of this wondrous experience that we call life.

Amen & Namaste

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