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Ana Sanjuan
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Thank you Derek. I also enjoyed your post. Love that you are writing a book and sharing a framework and language for Universal Felt Energy.

I also really appreciate your reminder that we are both ‘the designer and the designed.’ Consciousness creating itself through us, and witnessing itself through us, as us.

I feel that all the time. Makes life very joyful.

When I peer into the innards of a flower, and it peers back at me. I can almost hear it laughing, playing with me …saying “isn’t this amazing? Look at my glowing colors and silky smoothness of my skin, and the tiny droplets of pollen and sweetness. Can you believe how amazing I/we are? Can you believe that we can pull this off?”

How much fun is that? My walks in nature are a blast!

Also, when I am at the beach, and the silver waves slide towards me, then recede just as quickly…I swear that consciousness, of me and through me, is being playful. Playing, sliding, receding, also with this joyful beckoning, again laughing and saying “isn’t this the coolest thing ever? Huge water, soft water, reflecting the sunlight, held by the sand, creating sound and teeming with life… aren’t I a breathtaking phenomenon?!”

So I Wonder, Derek, what you think: am I taking my experiences way to personally? 🙂 Is nature engaging me? Or properly stated, as ‘the designer and the designed’ is there engagement, play, feedback? Or do I just have an active imagination?

And yes, I know that the “I” is really a “it.” That “I” am “that.” The language is tricky, no?

Do you know what I am trying to ask?

Curious your thoughts.


Ana (Anita)

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