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Ana Sanjuan
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How much fun was this video! And what a huge topic- time and timelessness!

Our modern society is consumed by time. As we move faster and faster through our days, we have become machines of productivity. And implicitly, machines driven by scarcity. Our modern mantra is “we must do more within the time we have.”

From a personal perspective, managing time is my Achilles heal and my strength. For 25 years I’ve been interested in time management, productivity, etc…I’ve read all the books, experimented with endless tools and systems; and yes, more often than not, I’ve felt that “I am running out of time.”

Deepak said “We metabolize the experience of time into the experience of our biology.” Ouch!! What biological havoc am I creating!?!

As I consider this more closely, what I manage is not ‘time’ per say, but ‘attention and focus.’ My time management systems help me envision, name my priorities, focus on them, and exclude distractions; all in the interest of accomplishing my goals. In general this has been a positive and constructive element of my life.

But I still always feel like I am running, the adrenaline is up, the cortisol flushing through my system- not good!

Now I’d like to weave in the beauty of Deepak’s video and advising on timelessness and flow. Can I accomplish and stay in timeless flow in unison? What a delicious invitation!

I’m going to take a guess: to accomplish and be timeless in unison, I need to:
1- slow down my thoughts. As Deepak said, “the experience of time is the movement of thought.
2- extend in the space between my thoughts (is this the same answer as #1?)
3- connect more to the feelings that transcend time. As Deepak said “Beauty, harmony, truth, goodness, joy, love –these experiences take us in the direction of our timeless being.”
4-get out of a relationship with and against time- that is a mental construct created by me….
5- drop into awareness more often

Any other suggestions or commentaries? Please add!!

Thank you Deepak and thank you community,

Ana (Anita) Sanjuan