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Derek Whitney
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Thank you for your emails Ana and Diana

Ana – I 100% relate to what I’d call your ‘Feltness’ processing of the flowers and ocean waves experiences – that is exactly what I feel and do here in Lennox Head each day. I live on the most easterly coastal point in Australia and at times the winds can be very strong – but there are these tiny little yellow flowers that grow and bloom in the harshest coastal conditions and gift beauty daily. Sometimes after a wild stormy night I’ll stop at one of my favourite spots where the same tiny flowers are each day and smile when I see that they are there, having somehow survived the harshest coastal weather buffeting overnight, I admire how they they never complain, they only gift beauty and I happily ‘feel’ of them as my beautiful flower friends.

Similarly as you shared, each afternoon I experience time in the ocean, which changes it’s form daily in terms of the size, strength and flow of the waves – sometimes calm and almost slow motion as they roll in, other times very high turbulent energy flowing and there is nothing quite so exhilarating as the energy ‘charge’ gifted in the ocean each day. Sometimes I float on my back, or stand and focus intently on the crest/foam of the next wave coming towards me, watching it right until it is literally 1 or 2 centimetres from my face then I close my eyes and fully feel the unique energetic rush of ‘love’ as it washes over me, gifting a feeling unlike any other and it always amazes me that in a place where a few thousand people live, there are usually only a handful of others enjoying the same blissful nature gift.

It is all a divine unlimited miracle, created by the vast, unlimited, cosmic ‘Feltness’ intelligence.
We are all that very same Feltness energy, in a unique form, living unique, invisible, sensitive, intelligent energy learnings that in their own way, are contributing to the eternal flow and formation of the Universe. Indeed, we are the designer and the designed – gifting ourself sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, thought and feeling to play in this wondrous ‘Self’ created abundant playground.

When we ‘do’ only from ‘knowing and being’ our true ‘Feltness self’ – we float and flow just as the ocean waves.

It is wonderful to communicate like this with ‘like spirited beings’ who are only looking to ‘be Love’ in the Universe.

Thank you to Deepak, Menas, Aurora – to you Ana and Diana and to all to others engaging in the discussion – it is a discussion serving the eternal and most high cosmic purpose – to save humans and all species from the impact of our unconscious individual selves/species and to awakening the sleeping unlimited 8 billion human form capacity to co-create Heaven on what we call Earth, in perfect harmony with all species, air, land and water of the natural universe.

To live with reverential appreciation and awe for the natural wonder that is every form.
To just stop, breathe, be and feel the miracle Oneness shared – when we ‘know’ from the ‘Feltness Being’ within, that each and all that we see, are our One self and that there is minimal need for thought, which is a blocker to ‘being Love’.

I appreciate the Socrates quote: ‘I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing.’
If only our species lived aligned with his wisdom.

Press pause on thought and allow full ‘spontaneous right action’ to arise and flow, as it does, from ‘being Love.’

And Heaven is in that moment realised.

Aahh – to dream – and to live, knowing that any dream is completely achievable, when rooted in the unlimited, creative, cosmic, flowing Loving Feltness energy that sits behind and within all.

Onwards towards the completely available Nirvana / Heaven that awaits on the horizon, just past the ‘human sleep zone’


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