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Hi Lindsay,

Here is a little peak at how I break this down for Spiritual Science to take effect and what comes through…these are my notes, obviously. I’m very excited for you about your research! My comments are in italics. Let me know if this works.

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

You’re welcome! I enjoy it! Thank you for participating with me in this wonderful journey. I really appreciate your shared research…the stuff of which I base my work around!

I like your description of pure consciousness.
I am currently writing in my PhD coursework (:))
on the difference between
and self-transcendence
in Abraham Maslow’s motivational hierarchy of needs model.

All knowledge is given to us according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In Alice Bailey’s work, this is revised in the book, Light of the Soul – one of the primary text I’ve worked with over the years.

Where a self-actualized person
is fully aware and

Isn’t it our natural state of being outside time/space, where we experience limited awareness? This is where we want to be acting as if to engage the higher laws to be doing this work.

living in one’s core identity
in a state of joyful flow.

This is what I’ve learned, so far, is called Group Work – where we get to the point in our awareness where we can actualize the self in manifestation…Dr. Chopra talked about the research on “emergence” and gives us more insight in one of his live videos posted on Facebook, February 3, 2017:

How Cosmic. consciousness behaves. What is Creative Interactivity ?
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when a person transitions
into self-transcendence,
they become realized
to the interconnectedness of all life
much beyond the self

Isn’t it the Self in actualized form?

and into the entire universe

Isn’t the universe still a form limited to the Universal structure?

— the ego identity is dismantled.

Isn’t the ego identity included by a greater law…in other words, assimilated into the greater cycles of awareness and therefore becomes the automaton to this awareness; whereby, a lesser law is superseded (gone but not forgotten). In other words, nothing is outside God’s net. We let go so that the “lesser forms” can fall into their rightful place…This reminds me of “choiceless awareness” I hear Dr. Chopra mention upon occasion.

The term self-transcendence is
similar to what the Transcendental Meditation community refers to as pure consciousness,
which is what your comment reminded me of in the first place,

“Pure consciousness is “pure”

In other words, do you mean free from the limitations of the past self, brought to us in the form of our personality and circumstances apparent to us?

in the sense that it is free
from the processes and contents of knowing.

From what I remember, levels beyond knowing include understanding, forgiveness, compassion, etc.

It is a state of “consciousness”

Pure state of being goes beyond consciousness to the formless being which is where it all began. Though, there is no beginning and no end…so that in the awareness of Oneness, every point of awareness is That….no matter where, who, what, why, when you are.

in that the knower is conscious
through the experience,
and can, afterwards,
describe it.

The description part of it is a process of attainment, where we demonstrate our realization through to the point of completion, completing a cycle of awareness (the purpose of getting to the know the self), so that we graduate to move on to the next cycle or level of awareness.

The “content”
of pure consciousness
is self-awareness.

In contrast,
the contents of normal waking experiences
are outer objects or inner thoughts and feelings.

Pure consciousness is
a direct experience

I like how you say it here, and I think “direct” also implies a level of awareness, namely the Monadic experience, which is along the path to pure consciousness, which we haven’t arrived at yet.

of the natural structure
of human experience.”

In other words, what is the meaning behind it, remembering there are at least 7 levels of meaning behind every form corresponding to the stages of awareness we’re mentioning here.

I believe
these states of pure consciousness
and transcendence
is what Deepak means when he says <3

Not necessarily, so far as I can see, because we have that at the Soul level of awareness. I’ve also heard “soul” interchanged with “coherent” and “quantum,” which is the vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for an even greater conscious entity – Shambala or Monadic energy – also called “spirit” – working as a unified soul-infused personality.

Just some of my insights for you to ponder and a little sampling of how I do the Work. I think it would be amazing to attain a Ph.D. in consciousness and spirituality. Great corresponding with you! Let’s keep it going.

Much Love,