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नमस्कार! I don’t know if I have an answer that is of use to you, but I’ll offer it and let you decide.

Is meditation really the answer?

I suppose it depends on what the question is! It probably also depends on what type of meditation is performed.

I took these words to mean that there is no separation between my being and my experiences of that being. This led me to ask, “what’s the separation?” Meaning, what limited belief am I holding which keeps me from experiencing the wholeness of my being? Then subtly my thoughts shifted, some anxious feelings I’ve had about recent events subsided, and I realized I wasn’t separate from my reality. There is no “them” out to do something (of a good or bad nature) to me. And then I felt at peace within myself.

That’s right. These types of insights will occur when they occur. The trick is to integrate them so that they become part of how you interpret your everyday experiences.

For example, your insight that “There is no ‘them’ out to do something (of a good or bad nature) to me.” How would that insight inform your interpretation of your experiences if one day you found yourself with a new boss who was a very DIFFICULT and UNPLEASANT person? Maybe one with a serious personality disorder. And let’s say that your financial situation would not accommodate just quitting. Could you maintain your own peace of mind while dealing with THE BOSS FROM HELL? Could you avoid feeling stressed, and just deal with the situation in a calm, rational frame of mind? Could you think of your boss as being another part of yourself, that you were negotiating with? Not internalize the boss’es problems? Not feel bad from lack of approval or appreciation?

Maybe you could, but it would depend on where you already are. Most people couldn’t, even if they had made the same realization that you did. The reason is because it takes some time to integrate new realizations into the way that we interpret our experiences. We have to make new neural connections (even if the brain doesn’t create consciousness, it does organize thoughts…).

For some radical new realizations, it takes quite a bit of “neuroplasticity” to wire them in.

One way to do that, would be through certain forms of meditation.

The end result, if this process goes far enough, is to reach a sort of artificial “altered state of awareness” that becomes a new norm. While I have not experienced the BIG ONE, I have had a number of mini-awakenings in my life that give me some sense of what it would be like. I have had realizations that, once they were integrated into my personality, radically changed the way that I interpret my experiences. That includes even mundane experiences.

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