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Ana Sanjuan
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I’d like to tag along to this conversation.

I appreciate Deepak’s post and his outline of ‘creative interactivity’ and ‘the principles of emergence.’

I like to consider the social applicability of creative interactivity and emergence; that if people create a safe, open system; have shared vision and goals; emotionally and spiritually bond; incubate together; give each other feedback, and repeat this process, then their intended vision will emerge.

That is what the YATU forum creates- a platform for shared visioning and feedback, using the YATU knowledge, to arrive at a correct understanding of reality, which can move society in the direction of peace, sustainability, health, and happiness.

I appreciate your conclusion that “only when personal awakening happens does spontaneous right action occur.” But I wonder if the prerequisite must be that we are awakened? Do you mean being awakened and enlightened as a permanent state of being? Or do you mean that right action can occur in the moments of awakening, of authenticity, of connection to source?

Let me share a personal story: When I was in my early 20’s I became aware that I often spoke from an automatic, scripted self. I was a confident, smart, young Cuban woman, raised in the immigrant neighborhoods of New York. In my upbringing, being decisive with your words was a sport. I noticed that when I would engage in conversation from my head and ego, I would often not say what was truly in my heart. I wouldn’t share the nuances that I believed in and an opportunity to exchange more deeply and authentically would be missed.

So in a commitment to truth and authenticity, I started practicing being in a conversation where I would focus on my heart- quite literally bring my attention to the area in my chest. I would clear my mind and engage in conversation purely from this heart place- from a place connected to source, not scripted by ego.

What would happen was perhaps an example of ‘spontaneous right action?’ The communication was clear, soft, penetrating and transformative. My audience would stop and reflect. So would I. Together we engaged at a deeper level, more authentically and intelligently. We would arrive at new understandings that were novel and emergent- created through our exchange rather than delivered independently by either of us.

I learned how to switch back and forth between what I’ll call ‘speaking from ego’ and ‘speaking from heart-source.’ Today I am aware of where I come from when I speak, and always, speaking from heart-source yields right thinking, right words, and right action.

So I present this as an example of arriving at right action is the “moments of awakening” rather than as a state of permanently awakened being, which I think is rare.

So panning away from me and towards the applicability of creative interactivity and emergence, can the unawakened person arrive at spontaneous right action by being within certain parameters (like those that foster emergence), or by practicing authenticity?

Love your thoughts,

Ana (Anita) Sanjuan