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Theo Asiimwe
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I came to know depaak chopra in 2008 after i had broke up from a 7 year relationship with a daughter of 4 yrs. Besides that i had faced many challenges as a foreigner from Africa living in netherlands. The world was turning around me. I knew abit about meditation so i went on youtube to learn more en thats when i came across depaak. I found his knowledge helpfull to me in that time en i started to meditate en try to keep positive because i knew stress was bad for me. Since then how i percieve the world changed. I studied physics, chemistry, biology en mathematics at high school so it was easy for me to understand about the quatum world en energy. Normally i know i was a jolly person en i didnt want to lose that en turn into being evil. Because of meditaion i started to focus more on positieve thoughts en i tried to let the negativity that gives stress go. I was doing already top sports which also helpt me to stay fit en erase the bad energy BUT i missed awareness of keeping calm when ever i was in acritical situation. I thought always hiting back was the best way to defend my self but sometimes it worsen.But as i kept on meditating through depaaks guided meditations i learn to forgive, reconcile en let it go. This has saved my life up now. I practice gratitude daily en my life has become more of a carefree.
I truly support that iam the universe en have all the power to control my life at this level. Namaste

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