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Deepak, thank you – yes I remember discussing this with you of course.
But that is exactly my point – all symbolic or conceptual knowledge (what I believe you call a “construct”) is ultimately a metaphor for reality but the recognition of DNA’s objective meaning as “software” – an active encoding of an immense (non human) intelligence is MORE than metaphor or symbol — at least for me taking that in the gut goes beyond the egoic mind to the Source of all intelligence. And it is the direct comparison to what we know as “computer programming” that brings home this recognition – knowing what we now have learned with our incredible technology and the power of encoded intelligence (programming) how do we account for this?

It is akin to seeing the monolith in 2001 a Space Odyssey…

Our labeling and “understanding” of DNA by reprogramming it and identifying it is surface knowledge and not a real confrontation with its profound meaning – which to me is that the universe is conscious and infinitely intelligent. That is why I believe it complements your book.

The fact that organic life expresses itself with this level of intelligence is a direct pointer to the reality of consciousness – or it was for me. It is our first real glimmer of a superior nonhuman intelligence, and rather than attribute it to little green men it makes more logical sense to attribute it ultimately to reality. This breaks through all constructs directly to our own experience, within which our own awareness of DNA has also of course unfolded… (As you say, a “construct” within our experience).

It is why i am also taken by Dr. Robert Lanza’s Biocentrism.

Thank you for replying.

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