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sara jones
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Words are often inadequate to express a true and felt answer.

The human journey of our soul has been gifted sensory perception in order to experience the perfect imperfection of the natural physical world which (by no accident) is placed directly in line of sight, hearing, touch, smell & taste….from the beauty of a sunset to the power of the ocean, from the aroma of a rose to the touch of a loved one….incredulous evidence of perfection which unfortunately is often missed, overlooked and ignored. If one takes time to feel, sense, experience all the universe has to offer the eternal and unlimited power of the universe will be realised. This unlimited power is always and forever available, this combined with the gift of human consciousness paves the way for endless and infinite possibilities.

Our soul’s human journey is simple… realise, experience and revere the perfect imperfection of nature and ourselves as humans….by doing this we grant ourselves peace, joy and a universe of infinite possibilities.

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