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Hello Deepak et al.,

I got lost in the forums but thank you for answering my question on video tonight.

You said:

“What we call our biology is nothing more than a never ending series of sensations, images and thought

Symbolic representations of modes of knowing.”

Exactly — and as you say as well, this seems to unfold in various patterns — and now that we have software as a model we can see that many of those patterns are mathematically perfect according to things like the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Mean and other examples of mathematical perfection.

Further when we examine DNA – which instructs our biology or vehicle for “thoughts, sensations, etc.” — that instruction is perfectly logical in a format that can be DECODED….
And nothing that can be decoded is devoid of meaning.

By definition – presence of meaning posits a mind.
DNA is 4.6 billion years old. The constructs that unfold in human consciousness are perfectly logical and immensely intelligent.

And now we find those same patterns unfolding according to an immense intelligence 4.6 billion years old. This is the same symbolic encoded intelligence that as Ekchart Tolle says runs our biology – our breath, circulation, digestion etc.

That this exists seems to be a pointer not to the reality of Consciousness but don’t you agree perhaps also to the presence of infinite intelligence.