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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Tom!

FYI, our team is working on restructuring the forum, which we hope will make everything easier to find. In the meantime, please allow me to give you some suggestions for how you can find things around here:

– you can subscribe to the forums you are interested in- that will send you an email every time someone posts a new topic.
– you can mark the “notify me of replies” box when you post a topic or comment
– you can use the Search box. If you search DNA for example, you will see a list of all posts where that was discussed.
– you can click your own name to go to your profile, where there is a list of all your topics and replies.

For your convenience, here is Deepak’s answer to you: Readers Ask: How to Account for Organic Programming Language?. Your original questions were posted on Authors Ask: Can Randomness Explain the Fine-Tuning of the Universe?

If you have more questions to Deepak and/or Menas, I suggest you create new topics in the appropriate forum, meaning under the chapter where your questions best fit. If the questions are of a general nature, use the first forum “You Are the Universe”. When the authors respond, they usually create a new topic and they also notify you on the original discussion, so see to it that you check the box “notify me of replies”.

I hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you wonder about anything or need help, I am a moderator on the forum and will gladly lend a hand.