Reply To: Do We Create Our Own Reality?

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I heard you say in the Fb live on March 3, that as we expand our discoveries to the stars and beyond, these are yet other constructions in consciousness. I totally get that–it is the same as the the Creation story in Genesis–God made all the creatures of the Earth and Man named them.

My question is, as we name these new cosmic bodies, and even the new quantum discoveries (the Higgs boson comes to mind), are we “inventing the future” by expanding our consciousness?

You referred to this idea when you talked about the Meta-human, or Human 2.0, as I like to call us/them. Discoveries and new technologies (human-designed) that will extend the lifespan and augmented reality enables us to extend our reach and our vision.

Then as a follow up question, this feels exciting and positive…but as long as humanity contains the seeds for both good and evil, yin and yang, how do we deter this from becoming a possible race to destruction — as Buzz Lightyear says — “to Infinity and Beyond?”