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Yes, you make great arguments for the need of humanity to work with a little more foresight.

I recently watched “Arrival” and thought it was excellent! What must one hold in consciousness to remember past, present, future, and still want to hug the person standing next to them? ;P

One point I thought was well done in that movie had to do with our point of reference when given symbolic language. If the linguist interfacing with extraterrestrial life, Louise Banks, played by actress Amy Adams, had taken any of it personally, there may have been a different and more violent ending to the film – or we would have watched her become mentally ill. Her ability to hold it together psychologically was astounding. How many of us would be able to do that if we were given advanced symbols to work with?

I think, like you alluded to when you said, “Nonetheless, if these beings were able to reach us in ways that we could perceive them, it seems that their making contact would upend, or open up, our perceptions and could catalyze an evolutionary sport (in the biological sense of mutation) to speed up human development,” but at what price when we lack understanding? The linguist in the movie demonstrated advanced abilities in letting go of the form or detachment, to get to the underlying meaning and connect the dots; which, is what I think we want to be doing to understand the universal reality we’re engaged with.

Mathematics, sci-fi movies, quantum mechanics, philosophy, religion, the wisdom traditions, our lives and circumstances are all part of the universal symbols we’re being given to know and understand ourselves- and everything is a tremendous effort to answer the question, “Who am I?”

Lovely meeting you!

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