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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Jennifer!
I’ve seen the movie and enjoyed it, especially the part where the great surgeon reaches the limits of his knowledge and is propelled into the unknown beyond his reason. That is a step I’d like to see everyone take! I also feel that any and all limitations of life we take for granted can be transcended, actually ARE transcended if we return to our true identity as the source. These “superhuman” capacities are actually latent human capacities called “siddhis” in India, and they start developing as soon as we dedicate ourselves to the research of our own consciousness. All the things that are now possible for me and weren’t before are to me proof that there is an unlimited horizon to human capacities and that the chase for new technologies can steal our attention from the real thing. Ultimately, we need nothing to do anything. That’s where I’m headed 🙂

As to love and understanding… the more we understand our true identity and capacity, the less there is any reason left for any other state than love.
Have you noticed the other discussion, about Meta Humans? We could have probably have had this discussion even there 🙂

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