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Thank u Dr.Deepak!!
Sir!! I’d apologize for being very simplistic in my approach but according to my basic science books the entire scientific process can be summarized in the following steps:-
3.Formulation of a hypothesis
4.Testing the hypothesis
5.Retesting the hypothesis till it becomes a theory.
The theory when tested over and over again becomes the law.

We as human being have two sided brains..
The left brain works upon the logic which is basically nothing but learning through comparision and examples or say metaphors.
The right brain is intuitive and works in communion with the same logical or left sided brain but carries experiences and is the storehouse of the wisdom.
The best part about the right brain is it’s intuition which is nothimg but the reason in action.
It’s transient action is crucial in making decisions for which we rationalise later on.
Coming back to the scientific advancements the first theory often becomes obsolete in the years to come because it is the first idea propogated or a child playing with some object mistaking it as a toy.
When he grows up,he compares the same object with others to make sense of it.
In the latter stages the idea becomes more philosophical and the very object becomes the miniature of life or universe…
In the same way the theory becomes advanced overtime and conclusions derived from other theories are coming to a common concept or the hottest discussion today.i.e….THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.
All abstract concepts from the various branches of science like philosophy,metaphysics,alchemy and the particle physics alongwith the evolutionary biology can only help create one or the entire efforts of designing this theory will go into futility.