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According to holy Shrimad Bhagwad Gita,the entire cosmos is inside each cell or each cell is the miniature of the universe..
The paricles,atoms and molecules are no different than our universe,galaxies and planets revolving around the Sun…
The subatomic particles when compared to solar system are bound together through chemical bonds or VanderWaal’s forces or covalent/hydrogen bonds.
Now,the human body roughly contains 10^14 cells which again contains many molecules,atoms and which further contains DNA or chromatin loaded with all the information related to the individual…
The Cosmos has cosmic intelligence as an operator which defines REALITY of the entire universe(cosmic consciousness).

Our reality is defined by our thoughts which causes the changes at the cellular level programming our psyche to take certain action to produce certain results…
The neurons/neuroglial cells wired together through dendrites may trigger certain shift in consciousness through the changes at the synaptic level leading to alteration in our perception regarding our reality.
The blocks in transmission due to reduced neurotransmitters may be compared to entropy or chaos at the cosmic level…
So I believe that the Universe is nowhere outside but inside all of us.