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Yes Sir!!We do create our reality.
Reality is merely an illusion…
What we see is nothing but the light rays from different locus striking our retina creating specific patterns in our brain and our perception of an object coupled with previous experience.
We hear sound waves which are the transverse waves travelling through cochlea via 8th cranial nerve to auditory cortex and interpreted.
Touch is nothing but the sensation again through reflex arc…
Tactile,auditory,visual,gustatory and Olfactory sensations are illusions of reality…
The real sensation which shapes our reality is the 6th sense or ESP which is also known as common sense in a layman’s language..

The common sense or this 6th sense leads to patterns in our subconscious mind creating or shaping our reality through timely suggestions(through intuition),temporary setbacks adding more experiences and inspiration..
This information on being repetition creates patterns in our subconscious leads to the manifestation through transmitting the same to superconscious mind….
Iam not sure if it works but it worked a bit in my case..
I look forward to your guidance and support in the process of discovering myself and open to any suggestions if provided…
Thank you so much.
Dr.Deepesh Patidar

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