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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Deepesh, a warm welcome to the forum! 🙂

Thank you for your outline of the scientific process. To me, that is the way the human intellect works.

But I wonder if you have ever questioned the tenet of physicalist science, which says that the brain does certain things. You describe it in terms of the brain working on logic and being the source of intuition and wisdom. I know it is a very usual point of view taught in schools of medicine, but if you have read You Are the Universe you might know that the authors, Drs Chopra and Kafatos, propose an entirely different point of view.

They say something that to me is obvious: that the brain is an object in consciousness and not the source of consciousness. The brain is not the source of wisdom, logic, intuition or anything else. Consciousness is the source. The brain is like the radio broadcasting the symphony, but the music and composer is consciousness itself.

Intuition, I would say, is having access to non-local awareness, which gives us knowledge of “everything at once”. Depending on our particular focus, this information coming from the wholeness-level guides our actions in a much better way than the limited knowledge which comes from the logical, linear function of reason.

I would not say that the brain does any of this. The brain is a symbolic representation of consciousness and not a source of consciousness.

Have you ever considered this perspective, of consciousness as primary?