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Hi JenniferL and Aurora,
Just seeing this and wanted to chime in–my younger son also has a Harry Potter scar on his forehead! When he was a toddler, I was with my 3 kids at a big park and botanical gardens. My older son was about 8, at the time, and my daughter was 6 or so. She had an emergency need to pee (sorry if that language is inappropriate here?)–the bathroom was in a building about a football field down the hill but in plain view. Instead of making the boys, who were having fun playing in a kind of outdoor temple, schlep with me, so I asked my older son to stay there and keep an eye on his brother (this was in a much more innocent time, mind you!). As my daughter and I walked back up the hill, strangers were coming up to me saying, “Run!” I didn’t know what to expect, but there was my baby with a big gash on his forehead from falling on rocks that crossed a small stream flowing from the temple, and my older son holding him tight! A panicked dash to a nearby hospital ER while older son and daughter were staunching the bleeding in the car seat and eleven stitches later, he wore this scar.

This was years before there was a Harry, so he wore long bangs to conceal it for a long time. But now it just seems one of those badges of growing up–of many!

Curious to learn how we moms here have this in common!

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