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Aurora, I think you can either see this as evidence of the randomness of the universe, or that we all are having the same experiences in some way, shape or form. And what would be the purpose of that except to bring us all closer and see that we are, in fact, ONE consciousness having the experiences of a lifetime.

Perhaps it takes the creation of a forum like this (another reality–or, better, another universe within cosmic awareness?) to be able to share and see how “in communion” we all are.

Anwyay, my kids are not so much Harry Potter fans, but the whole HP genre certainly has opened up a world for me as an author and creator of worlds with my book and learning series, Edge of Yesterday. (And much love to Deepak for allowing me to link to it!). Imagining new worlds is what my protagonist Charley sets about to do in her building of a time machine based on Leonardo da Vinci’s plans (that only now, 500 years after da Vinci, she has the science and technology to build…for the middle school science fair). And certainly, with his myriad inventions, curiosity and insights into how things worked, Leonardo was able to imagine the future that we are living today into being.

It’s like a superpower, the imagination. And Harry, for me, was one key to expanding that superpower in my own work. Love it!

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