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Aurora Carlson
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Haha, you’re funny Deepesh… and a voice in me agrees COMPLETELY but another tells me to take it easy and not build boxes, not even between “us boxless quacks” and “them boxed-in mainstream doctors”.
I am, after all, not the quack (yes, I’ve worked as a healer for many years) but the entire Universe. Mainstream doctors included! 🙂

The big question for me, as I move forward on my path, is if I can continue to participate and learn about all these boxes, without falling into them. In your case- look at Deepak. He is a doctor and knows all that stuff, but he is also a healer and knows all this other stuff. Maybe our role is not to abandon ship but to help the boxed-in ones out? This is what I’ve been trying to do. Not sure if it’s working 😀