Reply To: Readers Ask: If Love Heals Why Not Heal the World?

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Hello to the Forum! In love and so much appreciation! <3

“If Love can heal why don’t we heal ourselves and the world…”

Dr. Chopra, the energy of today’s post! Feeling the love from Isreal and through this discussion forum. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. I really appreciate your humble take on this topic, as it reminds me, we’re all in the process of unfolding in love!

My two cents for what it’s worth:

Love, at the same time, reveals to us. How do we work with what is revealed when looking at our shadow isn’t ever pleasant? How do we rise above it, as the soul inspired hippies we know ourselves to be?

Dr. Chopra mentioned the Yoga of Love. I believe, so far, we heal through the process of transmuting our lower desires into the higher – it’s a mental process not for the feeble minded – thereby demonstrating self-mastery. It isn’t a guess work but revealed to us every day in our experiences, just waiting to be dealt with consciously.

Synchronicities give us a clue as to what we’re working with at any given moment and it’s up to us to meet our circumstance with love, understanding, detachment, and all the virtues of a soul-inspired being!

Riding the wave of love on this forum!

P.S. As synchronicity would have it I have the song, Khabar Nahi by Kahan Johar, with the lyrics blasting in my ears, “got to be love cause it’s really got me going” <3 Namaste! So, in love!