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Hello again!

I just opened up the book, You Are the Universe, to a passage I think also helps us understand the healing abilities we have through love when we’re soul identified. The way that I’ve learned it so far, and found it helpful for my own healing, is to look at circumstances as “God is” (oneness), and not in terms of good or bad, which are “opposites.”

Chopra and Kafatos say the following in support of this notion of unifying the opposites (You Are the Universe, pg. 135):

“So the big question is why two opposite behaviors coexist. In physics we say they are complementary, which is more accurate than opposite, because the same photon can display either behavior…in a universe where A no longer causes B, it turns out that A and B can be two sides of the same coin.”

As two sides of the same coin, we want to find what unifies A and B, perhaps in the form of Disease and Good Health, for example. Otherwise, we’re playing with the polarities, and when we take sides with one being more right than the other, we actually strengthen the resistance of the one we’ve taken sides against. When we look at ill-health as a complement to health or well-being, we may see the process of both experiences serving the same purpose; that is, to help us answer the ultimate question, “Who am I?”

Similarly, when we don’t identify ourselves with disease or well-being and know ourselves to be something greater than both in a complementary universe, we’re already demonstrating our holistic, and higher self, which raises the vibration and has impact on our specific and universal being. YATU!

My two cents….You’re thoughts appreciated. <3

In love,