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Thank you for the response! It’s so soulful when we demonstrate forgiveness, love, and understanding…where peace abides!

I opened Dr. Chopra’s book, Path to Love (172-173), where he talks about the art of letting go in the following passage:

“The general formula here is that whenever you react with “X has to be this way or else,” you bring awareness in and say, “X doesn’t have to be any way except what it is.”

It’s a conscious decision to forgive. I see, so far, that the forgiveness you’re mentioning is a natural outpouring from the kind of acceptance and the part of letting go Dr. Chopra mentions here. In other words, overcoming victimization, as you mention, too.

Understanding is knowing someone doesn’t have to be anything other than who they are right now, as they are, because all is in Divine Order, and we’re equals in the eyes of God and all that we need is already within us (YATU!) – no one else has to give in to our expectations. Letting go is a process of self-discovery, where when we let go we simultaneously reveal and allow our own goodness to shine through – raising the vibration for the specific and universal you, which includes everyone and everything!

Now, to forgive our politicians!

HUGS!! <3

Much love,

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