Reply To: Readers Ask: If Love Heals Why Not Heal the World?

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sara jones
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It’s all so simple and we seem to make it all so complicated. I believe often the more words that are used to describe, analyse, explain love & what love is, the more it becomes an analytical expression thereby taking away the perfect, pure simpleness of what is.
So simple…..we are love, we come from love, in our natural state, we exude love, we never live, we never die….if we truly feel from our essence it is only love.
Many have been mesmerised into believing our form, our human abilities, our human brain is who we are….we are simply part of a loving universe in a human form…it is impossible for any ‘one’ being to be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than another. We are one & the same, it’s simply a belief we have been taught that we are different & separate.
My message is simple… love, exude love, embrace love….ripple this to the universe & feel the waves of love returned to you to wash over and envelop you each & every moment, if you allow it, it will….and so the cycle continues….give love….receive love….feel love….allow love….

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