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Derek Whitney
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Hi and thank you Aurora…yes..I agree.
Being and knowing ourself as Love gifts unlimited and ultimate peace, joy, gratitude and heart fullness.
I hope and sense that this may be what we experience post our current form’s journey and that this ‘human noble mission’ that we are undertaking simply helps to inform and deepen the wondrous eternal experience of non form Love ‘being’ that we return to.

Awakening is such a miracle in itself – as though life to this point was but a dream – and continues to be so at times…but aahh the unlimited peace, joy, equanimity, playfulness, hope, courage, strength, affection, child like wonder and awe and true Love that we come to know ourselves, at essence, as, from and for.

Is beyond words….perhaps Mozart, Bach, Sunrise/Sunsets, butterflies, babies and the like point most strongly towards.


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