Reply To: Readers Ask: Do Universe and Sound Exist Without Humans?

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Yes the universe do exist without humans and humans are just a part of the creation…
God created this universe out of pure consciousness,infinite intelligence,infinite freedom and perfect order and balance,limitless creativity and absolute..
The supreme consciousness doesn’t require any inferior being with IQ no more than 150 for his creation…
Infact,we are not even able to comprehend even the infinitesimally basic prolinciples or secrets of it’s creation inspite of thriving thousand of years on this planet.
The limited existence of human ego makes us think tht we are the centre of this universe…
Earth was believed to be the centre of this universe till scholars like Galileo(through telescope) and Coppernicus(heliocentric theory)proved it wrong..
We are still the same beings trying to explain the grandiosity of our existence quedtioning the existence of universe itself.
Sound in a disco thec is entirely different frm tht in nature and many sounds traced back to basi- pure tones…
The primordial sound might have been the purest tone(white sound) and so is the light…
In the beginning there was pure energy from which the matter was created(E=mc²)….
The energy was manifested into sound,light or cosmic energy(for we don’t know) and the creation took place..