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Ana Sanjuan
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What a wonderful video and discussion. I feel so much gratitude to this forum for allowing me to start my day with discussions that can heal me and the world.

Today I hold tight to this invitation:

“Can you make love the motivation for every choice that you make? If you do, you will be whole, holy and healed.”

Recently, I was reflecting on the complexity of my life. I am blessed by a good life, full of health, friends, family, community, work I love and a deep inspiration to grow. And also so often I am struck by how complex managing this life is. There are so many moving parts that ceaselessly demand to be attended.

To list a few: aging family and complex healthcare decisions; anticipating paying for college for our two children; friends in our community that were sick and dying and leaving behind young children; finances, bills and their stress; maintaining a clean house; shopping, cooking, and cleaning three meals a day, every day, every week for years; caring for my own personal needs to grow, heal, and rest; the pressures and responsibilities of my work; being available to friends and family who struggle…and I can go on.

In a moment of clarity, I understood that the only possible way to manage this was to make every decision based on love. I told my husband this; that we could manage our lives from a place of love; that this would simplify decisions, while powerfully serving the world around us. No matter what the outcome, I could rest in my soul knowing that love was the seed of my actions.

And when I began this commitment, I also saw very clearly all the moments in which I was not making a decision motivated by love. The shadow immediately came into clear focus. This, of course, is the other gift, albeit a hard gift. Thus began the daily practice of seeing myself clearly, and all the moments of choice, and when I choose love versus when I choose other, and why.

In fact, this practice will take lifetimes. But I am on the path, and as Deepak reminded us “Start today, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step today.”

Thank you Deepak and the YATU forum!

Ana Sanjuan

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