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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Jennifer, thank you so much for your beautiful answer! I agree and delight in the way you express what I too know but would have put in another way 🙂

I might have said that synchronicity is about moments when it is all too obvious that this is One Whole moving in unison, even if it appears to us to be parts moving randomly whenever we are not awake enough or have a vision expanded enough to see it.

There is no moment when we are not the same consciousness… we only think we are. My thoughts, desires, actions and those we call yours might seem different and independent, but they are the thoughts, desires, actions of the undivided presence which is present in and as us all.

I think that what you call soul level and what Deepak calls archetypes is a cloud in between the ground level of divided person and the space level of unified pure consciousness. On that cloud we find the bundle of qualia which determines how our personal, embodied experience is. So by choosing to “purify our soul” or choosing to embody a particular archetype, the one consciousness chooses its experience…

Three mothers meeting in a synchronous moment means, to me, that we were nudged to be attentive to a message from our true self. Probably the message is different to each of us… or not. We’ll see. If a wonderful experience unfolds, we’ll know where it “started” 🙂