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Dear Dr. Chopra,

Thank you for your explanation of the female archetypes. I take notes when watching these videos because you give so much food for thought, as to require a second look, immediate revision from old thought paradigms, and calling for deeper understanding! The emergence you mentioned makes me wonder WHAT’S NEW?

What we have to overcome
to remain present in the Eternal Now
where opportunity emerges
Babes born anew
Of the Holy Trinity, including the Divine Mother
in each and every moment
of effervescent love, delight, and joy.

Group work is defined by
The ability of each member
To uphold the standards
Where judgement and criticism cease
So that the inner workings
Silent at first, with fiery aspiration
Have a clear channel
With which to pull through.

Silence is to the personality
What a clear, liquid pool is to the heavens.
A perfect reflection of the Above!

Here’s to our emergence!

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