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Hi Deepak,

I am truly honored to receive a video reply from you to this question.

You did answer my question. I was not aware that mathematicians actually had this notion of Hilbert Space (where infinite-dimensional forms such as tesseracts are used) formulated into mathematical laws. Truly impressive for humanity and you have now enlightened me of that as well.

The Linear Algebra course was a part of my Chemical Engineering program so it was basically limited to learning how to calculate matrix multiplication and planes.

I also better understand the concept of consciousness by the Tagore poems. He made it far more comprehensible than any scientist or mathematician could by using metaphors more closer to us (such as the fountain which endlessly supplies us with flowers) than highly abstract mathematics.

Trying to go too deeply into conceptualizing consciousness simply leads to a bottomless pit with endless philosophizing. I now realize that one poem by Rabindranath Tagore or Rumi says it all, really 🙂

I have now finished reading YATU and I can more confidently feel that Aham Brahmasmi is a truth for me and I will do my best to live accordingly and do my share in creating an enlightened humanity and universe.

Once again a deep thank you for the book, your video reply and to all the questions from the members at this forum.


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