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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Richa, a warm welcome to the YATU forum! 🙂
Such an interesting question you asked, can’t wait for Deepak’s response!

The question that arose in me when reading your Einstein quote was… how can any scientist ignore or deny an intelligence superior to the personal ego mind? I ask myself this every time I am faced with an arrogant know-it-all scientist, doctor, politician, etc. I don’t mean the ones who can actually tap into the Mind which knows it all but those who loudly insist that all there is to us and our world is physical matter.

People with that view believe that matter (the body) is the source of mind, that matter (pills and scalpels) is the source of health and that matter (money) is the source of welfare. Chasing that, humanity finds itself in a mess, because none of that is true.

What do you think, how do we turn this around?