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Dear Aurora,

Thank you so much for a warm welcome to YATU forum.

I agree with you about the fact that in today’s world, there are doctors, scientists, and others who do not believe in the existence of higher power. It is disturbing to see doctors who treat patients with pills that have so many side effects and do not acknowledge the benefits of alternative medicine and meditation etc… Yes, this puts health of humanity in a crisis.

I think one way of turning this around is by raising awareness and by educating one another. What you are doing here on this forum is remarkable. Inviting discussions is a great way of cultivating awareness and education.

What Dr. Deepak Chopra does to promote a healthier, just, sustainable, and a happier world by reaching out to millions of people around the world is one great way of putting in efforts to turn this around. We must unite and educate ourselves and those around us.

I look forward to hearing back from you and Dr. Deepak Chopra.


Best regards,


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