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Thanks for the reply Aurora. 🙂

As far as experience goes, I’m absolutely encountering this truth. For me, the process of being able to release and surrender the outcomes of my intentions has involved a great deal of “shadow work” – moving and transmuting trapped traumatic (low-vibe) energy in my body. That has created permanent shifts in me and manifestation has begun to flow more freely. But it has made me very curious as to the particle/wave relationship in this principle. For instance, Carl Jung said that “unless we do the work of bringing the unconscious into the conscious, it will dictate your life and you’ll call it fate.” Does that mean that the behavior of the particles (the trauma-energy) is “unobservable” until it is brought into the conscious realm and therefore remains trapped in a particle state? Is it then our goal to live in a “wave-state”, as it were?

I hope this makes sense. I have gone about my own transformation with an “experience first, understand later” approach, which has worked….. now I’m writing and teaching and searching for new language to describe these things. Thanks for responding. 🙂

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