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Aurora Carlson
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Oh yes, it makes complete sense 🙂

For me, the process of being able to release and surrender the outcomes of my intentions has involved a great deal of “shadow work” – moving and transmuting trapped traumatic (low-vibe) energy in my body. That has created permanent shifts in me and manifestation has begun to flow more freely.

I call these “knots” and I too have discovered how to dissolve them in what can be called “me” as well as “others”. I see them as energy/information which is meant to flow freely but has become stuck, frozen, through some kind of trauma. Yes, I guess you can call this trauma energy unconscious, meaning that there are patterns we repeat without realizing they are patterns, and that there actually is a free choice there under it all. It can be anything really… things most of us would want to let go of like angry responses or emotional pain in certain situations, but it is much more to a yogi… gravitation, becoming cold in winter 🙂 Any habit of experience that we take for granted, any experience which is so strong or convincing that it makes the creating self forget itself as creator and lose itself in the creation.

I too have experience as my guide and Deepak has been such a light in helping me understand what I have found out. It will be so interesting to see what he says about this. But tell me Seth, how do you teach your discoveries to others, would you like to share a little about that?

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