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Derek Whitney
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Some additional thoughts in the intention of clarity on this:
The human mind is innately ‘all over the place’ in terms of it’s ability to think Loving thoughts.
It seems it has been designed to be so, so as to expand cosmic consciousness both through ‘Love’ inspired thought and ‘anti-Love’ inspired thought, such as in the development of weapons of mass destruction etc.

For, as Lao Tzu wisely alluded to in his brilliant TAO TE CHING, it is the contrasting combination of LOVE inspired thoughts and actions and PAIN causing activities that ultimately supports and serves the cosmic eternal evolution towards deepening the form experiences to ultimately ‘just being Love’.

The evidence of Source intention for all forms to ‘just be Love’ can be found in the established fact that when studied in a laboratory, the cells of every form of life on Earth, ‘optimally perform’ when placed in an ‘environment of co-operative harmony’…which for humans and many other creatures is best evidenced as Love.

The true, vast, unlimited, kind, creative, caring, sensitive, ‘Feltness intelligence’ of the Universe/Source resides beyond thought and is most purely and helpfully alluded to by any time alone in nature, by the music of Mozart/Beethoven and all great composers, the deeply sensitive sculptures of Rodin and Michelangelo, the toughing sensitivity of dance, the works of Shakespeare and other great writers, the poems of Rumi, Tagore and many, many Source connected others, as most great artists will attest that when the divine inspiration flows through them, it comes from a ‘divine connection’ beyond thought….indeed it is them ‘just being’ the unique ‘energetic radio frequency’ they were created to be in order to ‘just be and in just being, to receive the creative expression of Source…through their form’ ..but not originating from their form.

Therefore great ART will always be a better pointer to Source intention than science ever will be.

Nature and great Art are our truest guiding pointers to home.

Let’s commit and work to elevate their place in the global human experience and to reduce the focus on all distraction, of which there is much work to do.