Reply To: Meta-awareness training aka mindfulness

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Aurora Carlson
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I don’t doubt your familiarity with pure attention. I also know that some people can remain awake as awareness while sleeping and dreaming, and I hear you about the relevance of such abilities in waking states 🙂 I too have been fascinated by the promise of what can be done if aware enough!

I may of course be wrong, but when reading your description, it seems to me that you see expanded awareness as something that is attainable through some kind of effort, in the way bigger muscles are the result of training. Is that how you see it?

In my experience, that is not how it works. The identity that wants to “attain” more awareness through effort is exactly the false identification I have to let go of in order to expand into the awareness that I already am. I have realized that I can’t attain (gather, earn, win) more awareness. What I can do is let go of the localized perspective that gives the illusion of limited awareness.

I do see a clear link between this process and intention though. Intention and attention. What do you think?