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I may of course be wrong

LOL, I think what we have here is failure to communicate! I think the problem is something that I have been wondering about for a while now. The first problem is that the English language does not have a lot of words (or their corresponding concepts) to describe interior states. Sanskrit and Pali do but peppering conversations with too much vocabulary from those languages leaves many people behind, even if you try translating them as best you can–which often isn’t entirely satisfactory since the concept is missing.

The other problem is that there are a lot of different wisdom traditions, and they have their own concepts, rules, and practices. I think we need someone who is good at analyzing and synthesizing, someone like Ken Wilber, to sort it all out for us.

I don’t expect you to always know what I mean, or myself to always know what you mean, and we’ll muddle through. Drunk

it seems to me that you see expanded awareness as something that is attainable through some kind of effort, in the way bigger muscles are the result of training. Is that how you see it?

Maybe, except I’m not sure we’re on the same track regarding “expanded awareness”. Yes, I do expect the ability that I am seeking to be attainable through effort, similar to way muscle capacity expand with training, except the organ in question is the brain.

I think some sort of meditation-like practice should build that ability, but at the moment I am unsure about the details.

I suspect Dr. Chopra knows, or knows someone who knows, because when someone asked him “tips for Astro travel?”, he tweeted back “Lucid dreaming”. Because some people who can lucid dream at will are also good at meta-awareness. Besides, he’s also the one who inspired the post with his comments on meditation, though I might have interpreted them other than as he intended.

Someone else asked him “do you ever lose your temper?”, and his answer was “Less and less, I would say rarely if ever these days”. Now there are several different ways to achieve that outcome, and not all of them involve what I am thinking of, but one way to do it is to develop enough meta-awareness of your own internal state to notice when the anger is rising before it reaches critical mass, and making a decision to react in a different way.

I can sort of do that…but not quite all the way…because I’m not making any progress on developing meta-awareness.

The identity that wants to “attain” more awareness through effort is exactly the false identification I have to let go of in order to expand into the awareness that I already am.

This sounds like it has something to do with what in English I suppose is called the “ego” or the “separate-self-sense”. I am aware that I am not my ego. I can suspend it temporarily (not all the time), expand it, or contract it, depending on the needs of the situation. I can experience non-dual awareness.