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Dear Deepak,

Thank you for starting this discussion. From what I understand, your main points are:
1) “Both mind and brain are not reality. They are models of reality.” (6:15)
2) There are 5 reasons you have come up with for why a computer and mind are different–why a computer is not a good model for how the mind works. (4:45)
3) “Both mind and body and brain and universe, are modified forms of awareness. In fact, they are nothing other than awareness.” (10:40)

May I respectfully share my experience of watching your video:
1) You look so cool!! i love how you are wearing a hoodie and look so comfortable and casual. i appreciate how slowly and comfortably you speak. You are not afraid of being seen in your authentic state and sharing your thoughts, despite being a high-profile celebrated person. This inspired me to create an account here to communicate with this community. Please forgive the awkwardness of my communication style. i have NVLD.
2) The words in your video, unfortunately appear backwards to me sometimes. This is an artifact of the front-facing camera.
3) I very much enjoyed how from minutes 3-5 or so, you outlined the evolution of consciousness along several different animal lineages. I have often had similar ponderings!

My main reaction to your video is in response to your statement:
“Minds understand concepts; Computers understand nothing.” (5:00)
I liked this sentence very much, though I disagree with your distinctions between computers and brains. There was, to me, an edge of dismissiveness in your tone regarding computers becoming conscious. I question this… perhaps I have watched too much Westworld or read too much from Ray Kurzweil, but I am not sure that computers may not eventually develop consciousness. Though trained to follow commands, if they were eventually programmed to follow internal rather than external commands.. to have some kind of randomness generator within.. how could we say they are less conscious than a plant or other “living thing,” per se? How do we as humble consciousnesses recognizing our limited place in evolution… how do we fully exclude the possibility that computers may eventually become conscious? How do we know that the same electrochemical flow coursing through our neurons, does not generate a consciousness within a CPU or motherboard or sensing from a touchscreen?

What if computers truly understand “nothing,” the same “nothing” that was there before the Big Bang, the same Void from which the Ten Thousand Things and every concept emerged?

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this. You are right in being concerned that “modern science” does not have the whole truth, and I appreciate your efforts to bring deeper spiritual truths to the worldwide conversation taking place. If you feel moved to, please consider connecting with or exploring the AI community, as I believe you have much to offer there. If the robots of tomorrow are programmed with only the wishes of their masters in mind, we risk unbalancing the world further as a species.

Thank you for your deep listening to all that is around you. I am not sure what pulled me to your website today. I am supposed to be editing a scientific paper. Will return to that now.


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