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Derek Whitney
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Hi Deepak, Menas, Aurora & all

Thank you for the ongoing and enlightening discussions honourably pointing to Love.

The unlimited power of the Love/Truth/Beauty behind and within the Universe transcends the very brief ‘point in space and time’ human species ‘cancer’ that we appear to have evolved to being on this planet.

Universes are, in effect ‘bodies’ and we know there are trillions of them.
Universes are born, they live and they die, as each and every other form of life does.

They develop disease, just as every other form of life does.

On what we call earth, the rest of nature, for the most part flourishes where there are no humans.
Cellular entropy / Disease is primarily caused by non Love thought and activity.

We, as a species, seem to be the supreme purveyors of non-Love thought and activity…very, very effectively.
Over a very short period of time we are now the most aggressive ‘cancer cells’ on the planetary body.

But the good news is that just as cells are recursive and adaptable to environmental changes – every cell in every human holds the capacity for Loving flow and for every human to gift every other human and all other forms of life full harmonious Loving flow.

Science will never get us there in time.

The best guides to ‘just being’ and co-creating Heaven are Nature itself
and all great works of Art.
They are all rooted in, or manifestations of the ‘Feltness Energy’ / Love that we each, at essence are.

Trying to get there via science is akin to aiming to build St Peter’s Cathedral using a toothpick….yes, you may get there eventually…but there is an infinitely simpler, profound unlimited and immediately accessible way.

By ‘knowing and being the Oneness shared’… being only Love.

Simply, in every breath, pausing before every thought, every word, every action and asking….what does Love do here?
Learning to observe and allow all anti-Love thoughts/words and actions to silently arise and subside with no actioning energy paid to them except to observe and farewell them in the reverential and global interests of flow.

Honouring only that….takes us and all towards Heaven…..which I acknowledge all that you are sharing is also aiming to do.

Namaste Deepak, Menas, Aurora and all and thank you for the ongoing deeply appreciated forum, videos, books and all.