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Dear Dr. Deepak Chopra,

I agree that on a day to day basis, one is experiencing the universe in his/her awareness right in the moment. As you explained in the response,

“Everyday, the choices that we make consciously and unconsciously create our experience. That experience is always in our awareness, but that experience is filtered through the conditioned mind. The conditioned mind is the separate mind that is the result of all the influences we have had since we are born and now we even know the influences we have had in the uterus. Also, we know this epigenetically. We also know that the conditioning goes back to our ancestors. A traumatic experience in your ancestors could result in a conditioned behavior now, in you! There are many experiments to show this and how this epigenetically carried…how memory or both pain & pleasure, trauma, and everything else is actually carried or transferred epigenetically in us.

Everything that you experience is a result of your conditioned mind. Though this is the problem. As a result of that conditioning, we go through what is called human suffering. We are afraid of getting old. We are afraid of infirmity. We are afraid of death. We cling to experience which cannot be held on to. We are afraid of impermanence. We identify with our conditioned self which is ego, and ultimately there is fear of death as well. All these are a result of false identity and the conditioning goes way back to the traumas and the influences…the tribes and the wars and the economic conditions and the poverty, the subjugation, the slavery, and the colonialism…the history of human suffering is imprinted and carried over epigenetically, influencing every perception we have, every thought we have, every emotion we have…ultimately, influencing the experience which we call our body, our mind, and of course that which we call the universe, because the universe is an experience in consciousness, in awareness…

How do we experience being the universe in a day to day basis, practically? How do we go beyond this conditioning experience to the universe in its wholeness and its freedom? Here is one thing you can do to experience the universe in its wholeness and its freedom: Become a silent witness to all experience without judgment, without labels, without definitions, without evaluation. Just be a silent witness to your thoughts and your sensory perceptions whether they are sound, touch, sight, taste, or smell. Be a silent witness to the sensations in your body. Be a silent witness even to what is happening outside your body…what the yogic traditions call pratayahara…a silent witness to the web of relationship…

You can go a step further and become a witness to the witness. When you become a witness to the witness, you are actually the whole mind in which the universe is rising and subsiding, and that includes your conditioned body & mind. At that point you realize that even that which we call mind is a human construct for a mode of knowing, a mode of experiencing a thought…that which we call a human body is a human construct. And that which we call the universe is also a mode of knowing and a mode of experience and sense and sense perceptions. And that which we call the universe is also a mode of knowing and an experience of the sense perceptions. And that is all happening in you.

You are the whole universe, the ground of being, in which the universe is rising and subsiding. You can enjoy it. Being fully engaged in it, and not bring bound by it is ultimate freedom. In that awareness, there is no birth or death. The birth or death is only happening to experience and not to you.

Awareness is the fundamental ground of existence. And awareness is not in time, so you are free of the tyranny of time. Time is just the movement of thought in awareness…freedom is knowing that you are both the seer and the scenery as well as the mode of seeing. In that wholeness, there is complete freedom.

How can being the universe help us maintain good health and wellbeing? The key is right in the last word, wellbeing…your being is already well. Your being needs no help. Being is the awareness that is self-regulating, self-organizing, self-evolving, and in its essential state it is pure love, because at the level of being, the seer and the scenery are one. The lover and the beloved are one. The observer and observed are one. You and the universe are one so you are already a state of wellbeing…”

This makes sense. Thank you so much…

Deepest regards,


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