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Aurora Carlson
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Hello Kalkin, thank you for your message and for sharing your research with us!

To answer your question, no, I was not referring to a temporary state, nor to a permanent trait. I am pointing to our permanent being, our true identity, and once that realization opens up there is no confusion left and no more searching to be done. Whenever the Self realizes itself in any of us, there is … I can only call it cosmic laughter and blissful emanation of love and delight. And when that surprise eventually settles down, there is a solid, permanent knowing of reality, from which the temporary states, traits and roles are consciously chosen.

So I do think we are referring to different “things” (not that the self is a thing! 🙂 ) and from my own journey but also from what the Vedic sages say, it is better to focus on the ultimate goal and not on the different stages or capacities that come with them (siddhis), as these unfold naturally on the path to the ultimate.

You say that you are looking for a method to facilitate the emergence of a witness self. Well, the awakening of the witnessing self means different things on the path. At first the conditioned human self witnesses only a tiny sliver of the immediately noticeable gross, material reality. Then comes the capacity to witness more of the personal environment and also the inner world of personal thoughts and feelings. As awareness deepens, the witnessing expands to all those involved in a situation (so there is access not only to what was formerly believed to be “me” but also to what was formerly believed to be “you”) and slowly this includes not only humans but other living creatures, and in a later stage even what we call inanimate matter or natural phenomenons. And after that has settled and deepened, the unity of all of it is realized as the only real identity.

OK, so regardless of any of this, your question is HOW? 🙂
My answer is that the path looks different for every person and the best is to follow your inner guidance, if you are in contact with it. As that can be tricky on the path while we are still with one foot in conditioned awareness, I recommend a meditation practice that helps you transcend not only the chatter and emotional fluctuations of the mind, but also the imaginary control of the conditioned self. For the conditioned (personal) self it’s a challenge to dive into the unknown, but that’s exactly what needs to happen in order to go deeper and discover where the control actually is. I think Deepak described this once in terms of the conditioned self slowly realizing that it has been grasping a toy steering wheel while the infinite Self was all this time driving the car.

If transcendence meditation is nothing for you, one of the best ways of achieving this surrender is what some call Bhakti yoga, which means falling madly in love and taking it from there 🙂