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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Christophe, a warm welcome to the YATU forum! Don’t worry about where you posted please, the main thing is that you connected with all of us who are gathered for the same purpose, which is expanding our understanding of a deeper reality. It’s easier when you’re not alone about it!

If you have limited time and feel that reading books is not your thing right now, and if you feel that you need personal guidance, then you need to find someone who has experience of that which you are seeking. There are guides who work one-on-one and others who work with groups and large audiences. You will have to find that which resonates with you.

Look for meditation or yoga classes around you where you live, and if you want the guidance of Drs. Chopra and/or Kafatos you can ask questions here on the forum. Or if you feel that you resonate with the guidance of Dr. Chopra, you can go to one of his many events which are posted on his website or to workshops and courses at the Chopra Center.

I hope this helps 🙂 Good luck and don’t hesitate to connect with us again if you should feel like it!