Reply To: Does non local consciousness hold true for the non wave reality

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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Vedic, thank you for your questions, I enjoyed watching Deepak’s answer and am curious about what Menas will answer too!

What do you think of Deepak’s second answer?

It seems to me that this is one of those situations where the questions itself have to be rephrased, as they come from a world-view which needs to be transcended. If we realize that “particles” and “large objects” are nothing other than experiences, then there is no actual difference between them regarding their true nature. It’s like wondering if the same rules apply to dreaming of a mouse as to dreaming of an elephant 🙂 They are both dream-creations regardless of their apparently different qualities. In the same way, particles and large objects are both experiences appearing in the same consciousness, according to the same principles.